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Though different people from different backgrounds have come to work for us, we have a common sense of purpose. On this page you'll find stories from people who work across our Energy, Minerals & Infrastructure portfolio, giving accounts of life in our business.

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Susan Kidd

Susan holds the position of our Marine Planning Manager. This role was created following legislation to map out a sustainable future for the UK’s coastal and offshore marine environment, and sees her working at the forefront of one of the newest branches of the planning profession.

She provides strategic advice, considers applications for leases for myriad offshore activities, and works closely with the UK’s devolved marine planning regulators in their dealings with potential developers.

“I remember feeling ecstatic at being given such a rare opportunity to get involved at the start of something so stimulating – and just a few years later I’m working with world leaders in marine planning, helping to shape a multi-billion pound industry.

“My own career in marine planning has developed alongside the industry itself. My background in terrestrial planning provided a solid foundation – but it doesn’t prepare you for deliberating on how close a vessel should be allowed to get to an offshore wind turbine!

“My role in The Crown Estate touches all of our Energy, Minerals and Infrastructure portfolio: offshore wind, wave and tidal, carbon capture and storage, marine aggregates… And I get the best of both worlds as The Crown Estate strikes a nice balance: we are commercial and we see the bigger picture. There’s nowhere else where the land ownership and development functions are together in one organisation.”

Ronnie Quinn

Ronnie leads our Energy, Minerals and Infrastructure portfolio in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Prior to joining The Crown Estate he worked extensively in the electricity market and has experience around market restructurings, price controls and transmission policies.

The UK offshore wind industry is a major growth area attracting inward investment, businesses and jobs. “In Scotland we manage over 460,000 square kilometres of seabed and play a key role in helping the offshore wind industry towards maturity, as well as commercialising opportunities in tidal and wave technologies.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity for me personally to be right at the heart of this ambitious undertaking, where we’re looking to unlock a world-class resource.

“I’m involved at a genuinely exciting stage in the development of these huge projects, with The Crown Estate ideally placed to take a view on how best to develop a successful, dynamic and sustainable industry in which offshore wind and wave and tidal power can reduce CO2 levels and improve energy security.

“It’s so refreshing to work for and to represent an organisation that is truly trying to do the right thing – and I believe that our approach has the respect of the key stakeholders in government, investors and developers alike.

“There is a broad and growing recognition that The Crown Estate is balancing the need to create an attractive commercial environment with the need to consider and protect other national interests too. It is really rewarding to be playing a part in such a crucial industry, to see real progress being made with much more to come in the next few years.”