Working with us

We are keen to play our part in helping developers identify and implement viable CCS projects. We are advocates of spatially managing the various offshore relationships that may impact on any one storage or pipeline proposal, for example potential overlapping interests of offshore wind.

Guidance on rental policy

Cost is a central issue in the viability of CCS, along with the large scale demonstration of the integrated capture, transport and storage technologies. The role of UK government (and the EU) in supporting the industrial scale demonstration of CCS is essential. DECC has completed its first competition, which made a substantial contribution to knowledge sharing, and is now managing a UK delivery programme that includes a new competitive funding process.

The European Union is providing financial support through funds from the European Energy Programme for Recovery (EEPR) and the issue of up to 300 million European Emissions Trading allowances from a new entrant reserve (NER300). DECC put forward six potential UK projects and a decision is due during 2012.

We do not have a standard set of fees for CO2 projects, but during the AfL process we are able to assess the fee elements with developers taking into account the particulars of their projects. We are aware that CO2 storage is at a demonstration and pre-commercial phase.

Support to applicants for competition funding

We are keen to support the development of CO2 storage projects, and understand that it may be necessary for a developer applying for EU or UK funding to demonstrate how they will obtain the necessary rights to store CO2 at a specific site. Where appropriate, we support such applications by setting out the process by which we will grant storage rights in a letter that can be submitted as part of a prospective developer's application for funding.

Any such rights granted by us will be conditional upon an applicant obtaining a suitable carbon storage permit from DECC or the Scottish Government.


A pipeline lease will be required from us for any CO2 transport pipeline that is installed.

We intend to grant pipeline rights on the basis of the standard terms and conditions. We are unlikely to grant exclusive pipeline rights for a CO2 pipeline project that is unconnected to credible capture and storage projects.

Balancing the Carbon Cycle

Balancing the Carbon Cycle provides an overview and introduction to Carbon Capture and Storage as well as discussing some of the important issues to be addressed for it to become part of the low carbon energy portfolio in the UK and across Europe, including:

  • How policy drives investment behaviour
  • Current market failures
  • Commercial innovation and new business structures
  • The option value of CCS for future low cost decarbonisation.

Balancing the Carbon Cycle

CGI of carbon storage

CO2 Stored website

The Crown Estate and the British Geological Survey are developing 'CO2 Stored', giving access to world leading information on carbon dioxide (CO2) storage data around the UK continental shelf.

This new website enables stakeholders to understand the role CCS can play in supporting a diverse, affordable and secure energy supply in the UK.

CO2 Stored website

CO2 Stored