Registration for future new offshore leasing processes

Stakeholder engagement: registration for future new offshore leasing processes. Interested parties - have your say.

The Crown Estate periodically runs new structured leasing/licensing processes for different parts of its offshore (energy & infrastructure) business.

Each process will have different timelines for engagement; however, our approach for engaging stakeholders is the same for all structured leasing activities. New organisations can register with The Crown Estate to share information and feedback with us as part of any new leasing process.

The seabed rights to be awarded through new leasing processes will be preliminary rights. Development of projects within any areas bid for will be subject to the statutory planning process, and full leases/licences for site development will only be issued by The Crown Estate when all necessary key statutory consents have been granted.  For more information on our approach to the award of seabed rights for renewables (for example) please download: 

The Crown Estate role in offshore renewable energy (PDF, 0.21 MB)

As part of our role as stewards of the seabed, with responsibilities for leasing and licensing of almost the entire seabed around the UK (we provide leases for renewable energy developments, storage of carbon dioxide, cables and pipelines and license other activities such as aggregate extraction). We seek to better understand the interactions that proposed areas for lease/license have with other marine users or interests and to share that information with any applicant seeking development rights. We are interested in any information on specific sites which are proposed by bidders in our leasing processes.

We welcome input from marine stakeholder organisations to inform both the applicant and ourselves about proposed sites. The Crown Estate will collate the information provided by stakeholders and share with the relevant applicants to inform the decisions that are made related to the sites in question.

It should be noted that information provided may be one of the many factors on which site and development decisions will be made.  It is important to be clear that whilst we are keen to seek additional information to help us and applicants understand the proposed sites in more detail, The Crown Estate is not the regulator who will grant statutory planning consent for site development. We cannot pre-judge the outcomes of the statutory planning process and our decisions regarding leasing will not be based solely on information provided by stakeholders.

The process for engaging with The Crown Estate may vary depending on the leasing/licensing activity but the general process is described below.  It sets out the way in which your organisation can become involved in The Crown Estate’s site award processes.

Organisations who wish to keep up to date on progress, or who wish to share information with The Crown Estate that they feel may be of relevance to the development of new leasing/licensing processes are invited to register with The Crown Estate by downloading the form on the link below.

Stakeholder engagement registration form (DOCX, 0.05 MB)

This will allow us to keep organisations appropriately engaged. Please note that we will automatically involve certain statutory organisations (such as marine planning authorities, marine licence regulators and statutory nature conservation bodies), and these organisations do not need to complete a registration form.

Process for registering to engage on new licensing/leasing processes

For the purposes of clear and transparent engagement, we have divided organisations into the groups shown in the table below. These groups apply to all new offshore licensing/leasing processes.

Please note that engaging (or not engaging) with The Crown Estate at this stage does not prejudice the ability of organisations to engage in the consultation process which individual projects will undertake as part of applying for their statutory consents.

Group Engagement Need to register interest?

Government & Regulators:

UK and Devolved Government Departments (marine and energy)

Marine Licence Regulators

Statutory Marine Planners


This group will be fully engaged in the development of both programmes of work. We will share our engagement plans with them, and discuss our decision making processes with them.


No – will automatically be included

Statutory Organisations

Organisations listed in Annex A of the Registration Form


This group will be engaged at the stage in each process when proposed sites are available for discussion. We will actively seek information on the proposed sites as part of our decision-making process, and we will feed back outcomes to this group.



No – will automatically be included.

Interested Organisations

Organisations which have registered where they have an interest in providing information


This group will be engaged at the stage in each process when proposed/bid for sites are available for discussion. Where appropriate we will arrange topic-specific meetings/workshops and invite relevant stakeholders to attend these in order to discuss information on the proposed sites as part of our decision-making process.  We will feed back outcomes to this group.

Any organisation may opt in to this group by fully completing the registration form. Organisations opting in to this group must:

Have information which will be useful to inform The Crown Estate’s decision-making process;

Be prepared to engage with The Crown Estate during specific time periods;

Be prepared to enter into a Non-Disclosure  Agreement (NDA) with The Crown Estate in order to enable us to discuss potentially commercial sensitive information (such as location of sites);

Allow The Crown Estate to pass relevant information on to developers who are awarded sites, to assist in their consenting process.

Yes – organisations wishing to register in this group must complete the registration form


Informed Organisations

Organisations which have registered where they have an interest in being informed about progress


This group will be sent email updates during the site award processes to inform organisations of progress and next stages. Any organisation may opt in to this group by completing the first section of the registration form.

Yes – organisations wishing to register in this group must complete the registration form.

As stated in the table, ‘Interested organisations’ will need to sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) within the registration form. This is because, in order for your organisation to comment on the spatial extent for new leasing activity (such as proposals for sites), it will be necessary for The Crown Estate to share spatial information (such as project application [boundary information]) and proposed activities with you. This information is commercially confidential. Therefore we require that you sign the NDA in the registration form in order to allow us to share this and other information related to future offshore leasing activities with you.

If you are not a statutory organisation, and you would like to know more about certain licensing/leasing processes please complete and return the registration form.

We have contact details for the statutory organisations listed, and will automatically contact these people.  However, if your organisation is listed as a statutory organisation and you would like to confirm the correct contact details for this engagement process, please contact:

Offshore stakeholder

Please also return completed registration forms to the same address.

There will be specific deadlines for submission of the forms in advance of new structure leasing processes, but organisations can register with The Crown Estate at any time and we will ensure we include you in subsequent engagement processes.