Offshore renewables

Managing a diverse property portfolio across Scotland, we work in partnership with politicians, businesses and communities, for mutual benefit.

As an active manager of the seabed, our role goes beyond that of a landlord. The Crown Estate works to create opportunities for sustainable development and capitalise on our strategic overview to identify and address the common challenges the sectors are facing.

We are experienced marine asset managers, taking an innovative approach to leasing the seabed in response to market demand.

Map of Scotland assets and activities

In offshore renewable energy we have worked hard to reduce costs, strengthen deployment and build investor confidence – helping build a strong, sustainable industry that will deliver economic benefits for Scotland’s future.

We work collaboratively with industry to understand their aspirations, at the same time as working with Government to help meet their aims. This has resulted in leasing rounds such as the Pentland Firth and Orkney Waters (wave and tidal) and the Scottish Territorial Waters Offshore Wind round.

Through partnerships with Marine Scotland, Scottish Renewables, Scottish Enterprise, Highlands & Islands Enterprise, local government, as well as with organisations such as ORE Catapult, The Crown Estate helps to unlock potential and deliver benefits to business and communities.

The Crown Estate has leased more than 30 sites for tidal current and wave projects in the UK. In 2014 the first leasing process for tidal range projects was introduced and new seabed rights were agreed including:

  • Six new wave and tidal current demonstration zones, which for the first time will enable locally-based organisations to manage and sub-let parts of the seabed to a range of wave and tidal current developers;
  • Five new wave and tidal current sites, each with the potential to deliver a project between 10 and 30 MW.

We have committed to invest nearly £10 million in the MeyGen Ltd tidal power development, as part of around £50 million funding for the first phase of its 398 MW project in the Inner Sound of the Pentland Firth. This investment is part of a funding syndicate for the first phase that also includes Atlantis Resources Ltd, the Department of Energy & Climate Change, Scottish Enterprise via the Renewable Energy Investment Fund (delivered by the Scottish Investment Bank) and Highlands and Islands Enterprise. Committing to investment such as MeyGen Ltd, is part of a long-term strategy to explore the potential of tidal current energy on a commercial scale.

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