What we do

Enhancing the value of our rural estate through active management, stewardship, and community participation.

We are one of the country's largest rural landowners, holding around 139,000 hectares (343,000 acres) of agricultural land and forests, together with minerals and residential and commercial property.

We combine a commercial approach with The Crown Estate's other core values - integrity and stewardship. Our principal aim is to ensure long-term sustainable performance from active asset management, whilst also looking to take opportunities to co-invest with our tenants and stakeholders, to deliver mutual benefit. Every year we reinvest over £10 million into the rural estate.

Some of the country's best wildlife and geological sites are also in our care. We are engaging with tenants and other partners to develop a wide range of initiatives to enhance the environment, and are guardians of a significant amount of cultural heritage, supporting local tourism, recreation and economic development.

In most cases our local managing agents are our face in the community. Their responsibilities include maintaining our ongoing relationships with farm tenants, supporting their businesses, managing property and providing advice on new initiatives.