Our history

Despite our modern commercial approach, the estate as a whole essentially dates from 1066, with ownership of some property tracing back to Edward the Confessor.

10 New Burlington Street, London W1

We are an independent commercial business, created by Act of Parliament. From the backbone of the West End to the UK’s seabed and from regional retail to rural land, our approach is helping us to outperform the market, generate growing returns for HM Treasury and make a greater Total Contribution – economically, socially and environmentally.

In 2015/16, some of the key numbers of our year were:

  • £304.1 million net revenue profit last year, an annual increase of 6.7%
  • £12.9 billion capital value, an annual increase of 12.2%
  • £2.4 billion generated for Treasury over last ten years
  • £12 billion property value
  • 5% improvement in emissions intensity
  • 83% Great Place to Work employee engagement score
  • 19.3% Total Return, outperforming our three-year annualised IPD bespoke benchmark of 16.2%
  • 77% suppliers paid within 30 days.