Our stewardship projects help to demonstrate our commitment to good management and conscious commercialism, as well as create sustainable added value over the long term.

The Punch Bowl, Valley Gardens, Windsor Great Park
Lymington habitat works

Stewardship is deeply engrained in our culture; because of our history and because of our heritage, we act at all times as good stewards of the properties we manage. We strive for the best standards of management: in our parkland and gardens; in our farmland and our forestry; in the marine environment; and in our buildings and streetscapes. So our commercial approach is supported by a clear recognition of our stewardship responsibilities.

To prove our commitment to this core value, we have in place an annual investment ceiling of one per cent of our net revenue return to stewardship projects by 2022. In 2012/13 we invested £1.6 million - 65 per cent of our target.

Across our business we are involved in a range of activities that deliver value beyond financial return by enhancing the way our assets are worked, managed and enjoyed both now and in the long term.

People rightly expect that we will always seek to do the right thing for the long-term wellbeing of the assets we manage, which are in many cases part of the nation's heritage and fabric. For example, our regeneration programmes in Regent Street and St James's comprise over £1.5 billion of investment. As well as being profitable, they also benefit our tenants, the community that lives and works there and the country as a whole by promoting the UK as an international destination and attracting tourists.

Pursuing good environmental practice, making sure that our activities in the communities in which we operate are handled sensitively, and taking a sustainable, long term view in our actions: it is through our actions that we demonstrate our commitment to stewardship.